Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. If you are afraid your internet and/or computer usage might be monitored, please use a safer computer or call us at (337)616-8418 if in the Jeff Davis area or toll free at 866-883-2232.
Making a difference in the lives of victims, survivors and their families is the best reason to give to Jeff Davis CADA. Every donation to Jeff Davis CADA helps ensure someone is available to help in the most important times of a victim’s life. If you would like to make a donation now please click the button below. We value your support.

If you would like to help Jeff Davis CADA by donating your time or services please contact us by phone at (337)616-8418
Jeff Davis Communities Against Domestic Abuse Inc

Donations Needed

Donations Needed

Jeff Davis CADA is currently looking for donations of the following items:

  •  Deodorant
  •  Shampoo
  •  Conditioner
  •  Toothpaste
  •  Toothbrush (holder okay)
  •  Mouth Wash (travel size)
  •  Dental Floss
  •  Disposable Razors
  •  Shaving Cream (travel size)
  •  Soap
  •  Comb/Brush
  •  New women and children’s underwear
  •  Lip Balm
  •  Athlete’s Foot Products
  •  Shoe Insoles  (women & men)
  •  Band-Aids
  •  Cough Drops
  •  Diapers
  •  Feminine Hygiene Products
  •  Kleenex (travel size)
  •  Baby Wipes
  •  Towels (solid color)
  •  Wash Cloths (solid color)
  •  Backpacks
  •  Mosquito Repellant
  •  Hand Sanitizer (travel size)


If you would like to help please call 337-616-8418 to find out where donations can be dropped off.

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