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News From The Well 2012

News From The Well 2012


According to a Violence Policy Center report, Louisiana ranks first in the nation in one-on-one homicides involving females. The Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence has been conducting a Fatality Review for the past few years to determine how many women have died in Louisiana as a result of domestic violence. The study concluded 892 women have died as a direct result of domestic violence from 1997-2009. Statistics show that in Louisiana 2.53 women per 100,000 were slain by males. . .nearly double the national average. Also, 90 percent of those homicides are committed by someone the victim knows, and another 55 percent are committed by the victims’ current or former partner.

The Coalition’s recommendation to lower the domestic homicide rate is to include wider use of protection orders and batter intervention programs and stronger coordinated community response to the issue of domestic violence.

Social change must take place if domestic violence is ever going to be stopped. It is up to all of us to stand up and say enough is enough! I personally send a challenge to every man in our state to hold men accountable for domestic abuse. There is a movement going on across our country to do just that. Some of these men will be marching in the July 4th parade in Lake Charles this year. Join theml!

Copies of the full DVFR (domestic violence fatality review) report will be made available to elected officials throughout the state. The public can get a copy after June 30th by submitting a request to

Roxi Guidry, Executive Director



Since replacing Kathy Brown in July 2010 I have aggressively been out in the community making contacts to get everyone involved in our outreach programs. Here at CADA we are in the process of educating our community members as well as our law enforcement on steps to building our rural sexual assault program. I have been participating in numerous, ongoing trainings to help better serve our sexual assault victims and give them full advocacy support. I would like to also thank all of our supporters who donate their time,items,money,etc….we could not do it without your help!

Andrea Woodward, Community Educator / Sexual Assault Advocate

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